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Indie publishing house children's books on a shelf for neurodiverse readers

Tabletop Teaching LLC

Bringing the Joy Back to Reading

Help us bring joy back into reading for kids of all ages by publishing with us!

  • We create engaging stories for the neurodiverse reader.

  • We encourage social development through our social emotional books for kids.

  • We spark creativity and showcase diversity for teens with our YA novels. 

Publish With Us

Bring Joy to Reading Through Your Books and Our Experience.

Why Publish With Us?

With us, you are not just a number, you are part of the Tabletop family.

If your book is selected by our team, we will work with you to bring your book to the world. 

We work hard to polish your manuscript getting it ready for parents and kids everywhere. 

Do We Charge for Publishing?

Absolutely not!

We do not charge our authors for publishing with us. If your book is selected by our team, we will reach out with a publishing contract discussing the terms of our license of your book.

You hold copyrights and earn royalties throughout the entire process. 

We cover editing, page formatting, marketing, and more!

What Do We Publish?

At Tabletop we encourage all authors to reach their goal of publishing.

Currently we only publish books that cater to kids and teens.

  • Children's Books

  • Early Reader Chapter

  • Young Adult Novels

What If I My Book Is Not Selected

We will always let you know if your book is or is not selected by our team. We are still growing and can only accept a few manuscripts each month. 

However, if you are not selected or you write books outside of our audience, you can still work with our experts to self-publish or get your manuscript ready for other publishers. 

The Tabletop Family is always happy to help fellow writers reach their dreams of publishing a book. 

What Are Author Services?

Our author services are available to those who do not qualify for our publishing. 

Whether you write outside of our market or you prefer to publish on your own, we have experts who can help you today!

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