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Shmonster Shmakes a New Friend

Shmonster Shmakes a New Friend

Shmonster Shmakes a New Friend: A Tale of Courage & Friendship 🐾👻


Embark on a Brave New Adventure: Dive into the heartwarming world of Shmonster and Shmost in the third installment of their beloved series. This tale, filled with vibrant illustrations and chucklesome humor, teaches the value of bravery and the joy of making new friends. Perfect for young readers, it's a delightful reminder that fear should never hinder friendship.


  • By Derek Moreland & Illustrated by Derrick Fleece
  • For Ages: 4-8  
  • Themes: Friendship, Overcoming Worry, Inclusion


Inside the Book:
Interactive Journey: An engaging story that invites kids to participate.
Thoughtful Discussions: Questions to explore messages about courage and inclusion.
Get Active: Enjoyable physical activities linked to the story.
Watch the Adventure: A video book brings the tale to life.
Digital Fun: Extend the experience with online activities.
Personalize Your Experience: Pages you can customize for a unique touch.
Meet the Creators: Learn about the minds behind the magic.


Shmonster Shmakes a New Friend is not just a story; it's an adventure in overcoming fears and embracing new experiences. Gear up for a journey of laughter, learning, and the power of friendship.

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