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Sammy's Special Hanukkah: Interactive Chapter Book

Sammy's Special Hanukkah: Interactive Chapter Book

Discover Sammy's Special Hanukkah - A Tale of Resilience & Hope 🕎✨

  • Authors: E.J. Tesiero-Miller & Robbin Miller  
  • Illustrator: Alyssa Ares  
  • Ages: 6-10  
  • Themes: Historical Fiction, COVID, Hanukkah, Family, Overcoming Hardship


About the Story: Dive into the heart of the Covid-19 Pandemic through the eyes of Sammy, a young boy preparing for Hanukkah amidst unprecedented challenges. This early chapter book, inspired by true events, unfolds Sammy's journey as he faces the first Hanukkah without his grandmother and his grandfather's hospitalization during the global crisis. Join Sammy in finding hope and making this Hanukkah one to remember, despite the odds.


Book Highlights:

  • Reader-Friendly Design: Includes dyslexic-friendly fonts for accessibility.
  • Interactive Experience: Engage with interactive pages and spaces for writing and drawing in each chapter.
  • Creative Breaks: Enjoy coloring pages for brain-breaks between chapters.
  • Vivid Storytelling: Brought to life with colorful illustrations and an accompanying audiobook.
  • Educational Value: Learn about the historical context of Covid-19.
  • Thoughtful Reflection: Pages dedicated to messages and author bios.


Sammy's Special Hanukkah isn't just a book; it's an invitation to witness resilience, cherish family bonds, and discover the light of Hanukkah in the darkest times. Get your copy and join Sammy in celebrating a truly special Hanukkah.

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