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Moby Plays the Flute

Moby Plays the Flute

Moby Plays the Flute🎶By Eeha Bhatt

  • Age: 4-8  
  • Themes: Military Child, Perseverance, Success


Journey with Moby as she learns the value of determination when her father, a U.S. Marine, leaves a simple flute as a farewell gift. This story is more than a tale; it's a lesson in perseverance, hard work, and the beauty of achieving one's dreams.


Why It Stands Out:

  • Illustrations That Win Hearts: Dive into pages brought to life by award-winning artwork.  
  • Story That Engages: Follow Moby's relatable journey of growth and discovery.  
  • Interactive Elements: From discussion pages to activities, every read is an adventure.  
  • Bonus Content: Access exclusive content with a QR code and enjoy a video book reading.


About Eeha Bhatt:
A visionary artist and storyteller, Eeha Bhatt brings emotional depth to children's literature, drawing on her rich experiences and passion for teaching life's lessons through stories.


Dive into "Moby Plays the Flute" for a mobile-friendly journey of inspiration, hard work, and the joy of reaching for one's goals. Perfect for young dreamers everywhere.

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