Hello to all my pals. Ptammy Pterodacyl here with my latest blog post on winning. For many years I’ve won every game I’d ever played. I never thought in 60 million years I’d ever lose! Little did I know that winning… is a losing game.

Friends, hear me when I say that you can’t win every game. I know, I know, sounds CRAZY right? Wrong my dino pals. If you won every game you ever played, that’d mean none of your friends would be able to win when you played with them. We can all take turns being the best that round. No one is perfect, not even a stylish pterodactyl like myself.

I thought for a long time that had to be the best. Then last week during my family game night, my little sister beat me at my favorite game. I was so upset that I left the table and flew up the stairs. I had no idea how much I’d hurt my sister’s feelings.

See, she was working really hard all year to get good at that game. She wanted to show me how good she’d gotten and when I reacted that way, she was so sad. Instead of flying away, slamming the door, and screaming at the top of my lungs, I should have been congratulating her on what a great job she did. I really messed up. I wasn’t a very good friend, or a very good sister. I’ve since apologized and she said it was okay. Now I know how to handle losing in the future. Still, I feel bad and I don’t want to see any of my pals out there doing what I did.

So here’s my advice on losing. Remember it’s just a game. You’re playing to have fun, not get upset. Yes winning feels good, so when someone else wins, remember they feel that same good feeling you do when you win. Always shake hands with whoever beat you in the game and say, “Good game! Can we play again?” Or, if you don’t want to play again try, “Good game! Want to play something else now?” Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t lose every time. With lots of practice and hard work you can start winning too, but if you give up you will never know how good you could be one day. Finally, if you do win, remember what it’s like to lose. Don’t brag too much, it might hurt your friend’s feelings. I’ve learned that the hard way too.

What are some things you do when you win or lose? Sometimes I still get really upset that I lost a game. What other things could I try the next time I get upset because I didn’t win? Let me know in the comments dino pals!

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