Why Personalized Groups Are Amazing

Updated: Aug 12

Step One to Student Empowerment in the Classroom

Personalizing instruction can seem like a daunting project. Being committed to reading, discussing, and assessing multiple types of texts or projects seems like a lot to ask from anyone- not to mention putting this on top of all the other responsibilities that are expected of teachers today.

As a newish teacher, it is important to try new things and stay current in the classroom, not just to stay current but to find your own style. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, or changing the way things are done.

If the idea of personalizing for a whole class is just THAT crazy for you- here is one way to take the shock out of the concept. Personalize for Groups FIRST. Give it a try when you only have to personalize a few things (like 5 to 7 groups) and then decide how you like it.

Watch the video for the full breakdown of how I use groups to start off personalized instruction in my classroom.

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