Hello Prehistoria, Iggy Iguanodon here with the latest news in transportation. I’ve been working in my off time with Mr. Edmontosaurus on a new train track that will help us transport goods and resources from our farms to the residents and businesses here in Prehistoria.

As you know, the current problem is traffic caused by our delivery trains taking the same lines as our transportation trains. The question was, how do we fix this problem? Many of you have been writing in with ideas and we very much appreciate your input and concern. What we’ve realized is that the only way to build a new track is to go up.

Instead of our new train going by ground, we’re now doing shipments through the air!

We plan to build platforms that will allow three feet of head clearance for our Argentinosaurus friends. This track will be extremely high up, so we will need to add in support columns seamlessly throughout the town to keep the track from collapsing. We have our Pteranodon team ready to start building as early as next Monday. We have several delivery drivers ready and willing to ride up high in the sky, and get our fresh, local produce into the main parts of town.

Mr. Edmontosaurus has done a great job designing a sleek, new engine that will move quickly, efficiently and safely along this towering track. The next step is to take our design to the city council and get it approved at the town meeting this Friday. If you like the sound of our new plan, please come out and show your support. I’m incredibly excited about this potential new railway, and am so excited to see these plans come to fruition. This is also a great time to address any concerns about the new railway and ask any questions you many have about construction, design, and safety.

Right now, I can say we’ve thought this through, and even though I’m only ten years old, there’s one thing I know and that’s trains. I’m simply reporting what our train experts have come up with and I can see how it will free up space on our ground railway systems, making life much better here in Prehistoria. If you’re tired of traffic jams, come vote yes on our new Skyline Train proposal.

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