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Teach your Child to Read Step 2

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

So you have completed step 1 of our quick “Get Ready to Read” program. Now it is time for step 2, Teach Your Child to Read in 3 steps!

After your child has learned the letters of the alphabet, the letter sounds, and some words that they can associate with the letters, it is time to show them the tried and true method of sounding out words. Hooked on Phonics anyone?

Fun Activity for Inside or Outside!

Pick one type of ending sound and write out all the words you can think of that have this same sound. Stick with three letter words to start with, and as your child gets the hang of the sound, go to longer words.

An Example of this would be picking the “at” sound and writing out, CAT, SAT, HAT, BAT… CAT/ C/AT then SAT S/AT…

You can make a long list of words, or a set of flash cards, or you can use a whiteboard or even chalk outside.

Show your child the first word. Our example will be CAT. Your child answers that the first letter of the word is “C” so it makes the “C” sound. You explain that “AT” is “AT” and have them put the “C” sound before “AT” to say CAT.

Then show them the next word- “BAT”. Now they have to puzzle out the first sound of the word. “B” before “AT”. Finally, they put it together and say “BAT”. The first few words may be hard, but once they get the hang of it, they will pick it up fast and have a blast to be “reading”. Now is also a good time to use the word “rhyme” just to introduce them to the concept of words that sound the same.

What is the point of this activity?

This activity teaches your kids how to read by sounding words out. While sight words are important, it is even more important to strengthen your child’s ability to read through sounding letters out. As they get older they will be expected to continuously read words out of their comfort zone so giving them this technique early is a huge step in the right direction.

Remember to reward your child when they are successful or even just trying. The more positive feedback they get the harder they will try next time. This is a short activity. Playing this game everyday for only 8 minutes is better than only playing once a week for 20 minutes.

As your child becomes familiar to the ending sounds of words move on to another ending sound. Click here for a PDF list of phonics sounds to play with.  Every few days, go back to the sounds that your child has already learned to remind them of the sounds so they do not forget over time. Eventually it will be second nature! Remember that Step 2 of our “Teach Your Child to Read in 3 Steps” series can be repeated as many times as necessary for your child to learn these sounds!

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