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Students First: Differentiation Guide for Success

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Differentiation has been the THING to talk about forever!! Yes, it is important to make sure our students are learning what they need to learn, at the level they need to learn it. But… it’s so hard.

Why Differentiation with Technology is EASY!

Well, that’s not really true anymore. I do not know how teachers had the stamina to truly differentiate their classes before Google. But, thankfully I don’t have to worry about that (But seriously, I bow down to your magnificence if you were that teacher 15 years ago!!)

Today there is a plethora of apps, websites, databases, and all the other techie talk words for Things That Make Teaching Easier! These tools make it too easy to differentiate in the classroom. First, as the teacher, you create an Educator's Account. Then you link your Educators Account to your Google Classroom (or Edmodo if you still use that) and BAM, you are ready to start assigning students tasks or lessons off of these platforms. They will keep track of dates and times that students complete work, progress, grades, and comments… And all teachers have to do is monitor it!

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So, what are these amazing digital platforms that make differentiation so great?

Each one of these platforms allows students to work at their own pace when they have access to computers. I like to use them to teach grammar (so I don’t waste class time and have lots of board students) and to record student progress in test-taking skills. (EOC’s suck, but they are the way of life in many states). Watch the video below to hear some more about how I use these tools in my classroom.

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