Hello Prehistoria, welcome to the latest article of “The Dino Dig”, a classroom blog written by myself and all my Palosaur Pals. Today I have a big announcement! Our fifth grade class is going to be performing a concert in the town square for the yearly Prehistoria Family Festival, happening this Saturday.

Mr. Iguanodon has been working hard with us all year to prepare us for the event. We’re going to be playing some of Prehistoria’s greatest hits such as, “Let’s Rock”, “Dinosaur Hop”, and “I’m Just A Dino”. I’ve got a cello solo, just saying. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

As all of you know, Steven Stegosaurus is always drumming on items around town. This weekend he’s turning those skills into a real show. His solo is going to rock your Jurassic world. He’s the best drummer in town. At practice we actually forgot to keep performing after his solo was done! Thankfully, we’ve fixed that problem thanks to Mr. Iguanodon.

This Year’s Epic Events

Come out and celebrate family and fun at the Prehistoria Festival. I am told our very own Mayor Carol Carnotaurus will be in the dunk tank this year. Proceeds for the dunk tank will raise money for the town library. As you know we need new books as the toddlers in town have been using them to teeth. Thanks in advance for your help and support!

Brachiosaurus Boutique, will be giving away free bows and bow ties. There’s going to be tons of chances to win other prizes too! Each booth will have their own games and activities to play. I can’t wait to try out the ring toss this year. Mr. Tyrannosaurus is running that game and has promised tons of stuffed animal prizes for winners. I’m hoping to win the pink Mastodon.

Anyways, get there early to enter into the traditional Dino Dance Contest. The dance contest begins at 5 o’clock sharp, so don’t be late! A special trophy and a free meal from Pterodactyl Sushi will be given to the winner! (herbivore options now available).

Finally, the festival will end on a bang. I’m excited to announce our very first fireworks show will be put on by the Prehistoria fire department. Chief Diplodocus promises quite the show. It’s going to be a tale for the ages.

We hope to see you all there! This year’s festival will be Prehistoria’s biggest bash ever! See you Saturday friends. It’s going to rock!

Danny Dilophosaurus, out!

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