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Interactive Slides for Use in a Personalized Classroom

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

This video is geared toward teachers needing ideas for personalizing learning in the classroom. Specifically how to create interactive slides that allow students to show their understanding with easy personalized activities, on a specific topic.

Personalized Learning is all about incorporating each student’s personal interests, background, and giving them choices so they can shine. Here’s my first video showing examples of how we incorporated personalized learning in our “Absurdism Lesson” found on our Teachers Pay Teacher Store. This video gives teachers ideas on how to do similar activities in their lessons to personalize student learning. I chose this lesson specifically because the activities are easy for teachers to create on the fly, and it is easy to explain what makes the activities a part of the “Personalize Learning” methodology. Keep an eye out for future videos like these to learn more ways to implement personalized learning in your classroom. This is just one lesson that is specifically geared toward initial learning of a concept and applying that concept once the information has been learned. 

Examples of Personalized Learning in the Classroom

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