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Fun and Engaging End of Course Review Tips and Tricks

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The end of the year can be a battle as all of your students are reviewing in all of their classes. Imagine sitting in a classes for an entire week, being given practice test after practice test, and completing study guide after study guide just to finally take the end of the course test. Then remind yourself that high schools are full of CHILDREN, and they, need some time to play too! Here are the best ways to ensure everyone is having FUN while re-learning a semester’s worth of information:

  1. Play games. matching games, task cards, rotation games, musical games, trivia style games like Kahoot

  2. Be excited! Your energy can make or break your lesson that day.

  3. Use digital tools. Instead of notes and PowerPoints use Nearpod, CommonLit, ActivelyLearn, NewsELA, Flipgrid, or other resources that you enjoy,

  4. Incorporate prizes. All games should contain more incentives than just a grade. Give out prizes to winners to liven things up.

  5. Keep things light and fun. You don’t want students to feel like their learning, it should come naturally without them noticing. Do this by doing all of the above.

Check out this video about our End of Year Review Materials. Using this bundle allows you to use all of our tips above and still get quality work from your students at the end of the year.

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