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The Best Digital Learning Tools for an ELA Classroom in 2024

Updated: Jan 12

Incorporating digital tools into your ELA classroom is a simple yet effective way to create more meaningful and relevant lessons for 21st-century learners. Take the time to explore these innovative programs, consider their potential in your classroom, and how they can serve a specific purpose in your teaching approach. Ensure that any digital addition enhances your traditional lessons or curriculum, enabling you to teach the same content in a fresh, engaging, highly interactive, and tech-friendly manner.

The Best Digital Learning Tools for an ELA Classroom in 2024

Digital Learning Tools for an ELA Classroom

Unlock the Power of Nearpod: Elevating Teaching and Learning is a comprehensive review highlighting the potential of Nearpod for educators. Nearpod offers a wide range of resources, including customizable lessons, videos, and activities, making it a versatile tool for engaging students. The platform provides various formative assessments and interactive features, such as Draw It, Polls, and VR Field Trips, to enhance student understanding and engagement. Additionally, Nearpod allows teachers to access a vast library of materials aligned with standards and collaborate with trusted educational partners. Its flexibility and adaptability make it a valuable asset for educators looking to create immersive and personalized learning experiences for their students.

These articles, short stories, and poems are paired with questions as students read that are multiple choice and written responses. Usually, there are about three questions in total, but many pieces spark great conversation in the classroom. I like that the questions are placed within the text so that they answer as they read.

Commonlit offers texts with more questions per text than ActivelyLearn. They are a better resource for fiction pieces, and the questions are similar to what students might encounter on state tests. CommonLit includes discussion questions for you to use however you see fit. Their pieces are easy to download and print for those days you don't have computers or have a substitute.

Epic is a versatile platform that empowers independent reading with a wide range of grade-specific, high-interest topics across languages and genres, making it accessible and engaging for students of all ages and grades. It offers the right books at appropriate reading levels, accompanied by helpful tools like Read-To-Me and Dictionary Look-Up.

Educators can bring lessons to life by incorporating read-aloud, literacy centers, research projects, and customized collections, with a user-friendly interface for easy book assignments and sharing. Epic simplifies progress tracking and enjoys high recommendations from educators and students. It reaches 50 million students, allowing them to choose reading materials on any device. Epic School is free for educators and students, accessible with a class code during regular school hours, making reading resources readily available and easily shareable.

The Best Digital Learning Tools for an ELA Classroom in 2024

FlipGrid in my classroom became a weekly event called "FlipGrid Friday"; students knew to expect these mini-video presentation activities on Fridays. The ways to use this platform are limitless. You can have them respond to questions independently or as a group. It can save time on presenting group projects. It can be used to have students recite a poem they create and explain its purpose; students can reenact a scene from a story, novel, or play you're reading. There are so many things you can use FlipGrid for. Just be sure you are clear on your expectations for how your students will participate in their videos, how they are graded, and why. Doing this keeps the process going a lot smoother.

Newsela is an excellent resource for non-fiction articles. I loved having my students explore various countries worldwide on this site. I used it for examples of argumentative essays as well. Lots of scientific and historical information in their articles. News is their jam. They help students build vocabulary and build on other skills instead of just answering multiple-choice questions and creating constructed responses.

The Best Digital Learning Tools for an ELA Classroom in 2024 is a valuable resource for literacy educators, providing a vast collection of educational materials, including lesson plans, printables, and interactive tools. What sets it apart is its dedication to aligning lessons with standards, ensuring practicality in the classroom. Additionally, emphasizes professional development, offering opportunities for teachers to refresh their approaches, learn new strategies, and connect with peers. The site's content, authored and reviewed by literacy experts, upholds the highest standards in reading and language arts instruction, making it an essential tool for fostering a love of literacy in students.

StoriumEDU is a collaborative writing game designed for young students to enhance their creative writing skills and boost confidence. It uses virtual playing cards as storytelling and character development prompts, helping students overcome writer's block. Each student creates and controls their character, fostering personal connections to the story and increasing motivation. Students take turns using story cards to craft original stories collaboratively. The platform tracks writing progress and speed, providing insights for educators to support students. Teachers can monitor, provide feedback, and request revisions. StoriumEDU is versatile, offering a wide range of educational possibilities with access to a library of content created by educators and customization options to meet specific classroom needs. It's an excellent tool for promoting creative writing in the classroom.

Create your own quiz game or explore already-made quizzes. Students will play against one another to test their knowledge in a fun, interactive, trivia-like format. They complete the entire quiz at their own pace, and you receive data on how they did. You can have them redo the quiz as many times as you like.

This works excellently with hand-held devices and computers. It's another trivia game where students can work in groups or independently to get the highest class score. I used this a lot for review at the end of the year. The students at my school asked to play this constantly. They enjoy the instant feedback the game provides after each question.

Before planning a lesson on a new platform or program, remember it is only helpful to students if YOU know how it is meaningful or relevant. Make it Worth it! So, what digital learning tools for an ELA classroom speak to you best? Let us know!

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