Hey dino pals! It’s your favorite clumsy Palosaur here, Terry Tyrannosaurus. I’m here to tell you about the latest sports news in Prehistoria. Since you last saw me in “Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument” I’ve really come into my own. Did you know that it actually pays off to have big feet?

That’s right! I’ve joined the school’s soccer team and I’m doing great. Today was our first game of the season. My team, “The Blue Raptors” won our game against “The Lucky Pirates”. They gave use a run for our money, getting the first score of the season. But in the end I got us 3 out of our 5 goals, winning the game 5 to 4.

Can you believe it? Me. Terry Tyrannosaurus, the kid who knocks over trash cans in the hall with my big tail, won us the game! Of course, it was a team effort. I couldn’t have done it without my other ten players on the team. I have to give a special shout out to Marc backing me up, Iggy scoring two goals, and Steven being an awesome goalie.

I will admit, it was hard seeing my friends on the other team lose, but they did such a great job. The game was so close. Parker used her head to sneak in a goal right past Stevteven. It was an amazing shot. Then there was Andrew as goalie for the pirates who blocked ten of our almost goals. Such an exciting game.

Next week we play our pals “The Lazysauruses”. I am not sure what to expect from them. They have a new coach and I haven’t seen them practice yet but I’m sure it will be just as fun.

Thanks for reading today’s sports update! Until next time, I’m Terry Tyrannosaurus; be well my friends.

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