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5 Best Practices to Instill a Love of Reading

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

There are 5 things any parent or guardian can do to enhance, improve, and promote early childhood literacy.

In my video I go over each of the 5 best practices in detail with ideas on how you can do each of these every day. In the link below you can download a FREE PDF of an activity chart to help you plan out fun things to do with your little ones from ages 0 to 5. 

5 Best Practices to Promote Early Childhood Literacy

  1. Talk

  2. Read

  3. Sing

  4. Write

  5. Play

For more information, watch this video and download the FREE PDF chart (link provided below the video).

5 Best Practices
Download PDF • 143KB

You can check out more of our videos on our YouTube channel below!

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