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Our Story

Bringing the Joy Back to Reading

Tabletop Publishing was founded in April of 2020 during the pandemic by two moms, former educators, and best friends Kate Kropp and Jessica Senesac. Their children and former students inspired their journey to create books, journals, and educational activities that spark a love of reading and learning.

At Tabletop Publishing we believe in bringing the joy back to reading for every learner ages 2 to 18. We bring parents and educators social emotional books, workbooks, and journals for kids filled with learning opportunities, activities kids can engage with, and critical thinking practice for all ages. 

Our educational resources include digital learning and engaging projects that instill a love of learning. Our personalized instruction tips for teachers and homeschool parents create a dynamic classroom that allows teachers to cultivate a student-led curriculum. 

In school, many kids are faced with reading challenges that diminish their love of learning and the love of reading. 

As former ELA teachers in Secondary Education, our Co-Founders, Kate and Jessica, constantly fought to find materials that engaged their students. Through years of falling behind in reading, their students often would see a book and immediately disengage. 

Today the reading gap in kids is only growing. Thankfully the problem has a simple solution: get kids to read more without pressure and provide them with books they are actually interested in. At Tabletop are creating books that engage kids and has real-life learning opportunities.

We are dedicated to bringing stories that matter to kids of all ages. Tabletop strives to bring the neurodiverse community reading materials that spark creativity and joy. 

We may be small today, but every day brings us new opportunities to give kids the content they want and the content parents and educators can trust. We welcome you to join us on our journey and watch us grow.

Jessica and Kate are on a mission to help parents and educators alike, spark the joys reading can bring to kids. Whether they are just learning to read, or almost all grown up.  

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