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Jessica Senesac

Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument

When I'm Feeling Red

When I'm Feeling Blue

Buster Brown Moves From Town to Town


After studying at St. Petersburg Community College and Grand Canyon University, Jessica Senesac earned her BA in Education with a specialization in English. Her passion for writing was sparked at a young age by her grandmother. Jessica aspires to motivate young readers who have difficulty finding stories they can connect with. Her main objective as an author is to create books that encourage a love of reading, using personal experiences as inspiration to include motivational messages for children. In her writing, Jessica emphasizes social and emotional learning, as well as critical and creative thinking. Her ultimate goal is to help children develop self-regulation skills and a positive self-image while fostering a love of reading.

When I'm Feeling Red

When I'm Feeling Blue

Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument

Portrait soft cover book 10x8 in the hands of a woman_1000005121_ced65b169ead6e68298dfee1f

"You are perfect just the way you are... Even if you are not PERFECT." Jessica Senesac



“As someone who works with little ones, this is an adorable book with an important message."


"I really enjoyed this book, my little one is too young to understand the story yet but I enjoyed reading it and he seems to love the illustrations. It's a sturdy book cover I feel comfortable leaving in his room. I look forward to rereading it many times with him in the future and buying more as gifts."


“This was such a fun read! Not only does this book include messages of resilience and acceptance, it features dinosaurs (which ALL kids love) as the main characters. It also shows children the importance of having friends who have your back no matter what. My 4-yr old loved it!”
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