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Tavena Mejdouli

Tavena Mejdouli


Tallulah and the Tree with the Bright Green Leaves

Tavena Mejdouli's artistic journey is deeply rooted in a lifelong passion for art that began in her childhood, nurtured by the influence of her painter-parent. Her dedication to the craft led her to formal education at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2011, where her fascination with the human figure and portraiture found solid footing. However, it was in 2015, during her studies at the Academy of Art University, that she fell head over heels in love with the rich medium of oil paint, which would become her artistic cornerstone.

Tavena's artistic vision draws inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including Impressionism, realism, the metaphysical, the beauty of nature, and the intricacies of portraiture. She finds herself drawn to the works of renowned artists such as Gustav Klimt, John Singer Sargent, Artemisia Gentileschi, William Bouguereau, and Richard Schmid, whose influences can be discerned in her own creations.

In her figurative works, Tavena seeks to craft narratives that unveil the inherent beauty found in realism, often drawing connections to timeless tales and ancient stories. Her ability to breathe life into her subjects through meticulous attention to detail and emotion is a testament to her mastery of the craft.

In the realm of portraiture, Tavena's objective goes beyond mere likeness; she endeavors to capture the very essence of her subjects. Recognizing that a portrait endures through time, becoming an indelible part of art history, she approaches each piece with a profound sense of responsibility and artistry.

Tavena Mejdouli's artistic journey is a testament to her unyielding dedication to her craft, her commitment to the portrayal of beauty and realism, and her appreciation for the rich traditions of artistry that have shaped her. Her works are a reflection of the timeless allure of figurative art and portraiture, a tribute to her influences, and a lasting contribution to the world of art.

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