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Rachel Underwood

Rachel Underwood


Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets an Instrument, Trina Triceratops Learns to Love Herself

Rachel Underwood is an accomplished artist and illustrator with a unique and heartwarming story behind her creative journey. Her artistic path took an unexpected turn when a close friend, Jessica, shared an idea about a clumsy Tyrannosaurus rex who played a ukulele. From that moment, Terry Tyrannosaurus was born, and his story remained close to their hearts for four years before it was finally brought to life in a published book. Rachel and Jessica were determined to see their shared vision come to fruition.

In preparation for the task at hand, Rachel devoted herself to extensive research on dinosaurs and prehistoric plant life, ensuring that her illustrations were not only accurate but also infused with a delightful sense of whimsy that would resonate with young readers.

Rachel's artistic journey is marked by a solid foundation in education, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Towson University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. Her passion for art extends across various mediums, with a primary focus on oil painting and a dedication to realism. However, her creative talents extend far beyond the canvas, encompassing sculpting, book-making, woodworking, welding, and printmaking.

In addition to her impressive artistic pursuits, Rachel has a unique and honorable background as a US Navy veteran, currently serving in the Air National Guard as a photojournalist. Her experiences in the military have contributed to her diverse perspectives and have influenced her creative endeavors.

Rachel's dedication to creating the visuals for "Palosaur Tales" has reignited her childhood fascination with dinosaurs. Despite her background in realistic art, she found joy and fulfillment in crafting playful and engaging illustrations for a children's book. Her artistic journey is a testament to her adaptability and the breadth of her creative abilities.

In Rachel's own words, "Creating the visuals for the Palosaur Tales has reinvigorated my love of dinosaurs. I feel like I now know almost as much about them as I did when I was 5 years old! I’m used to working extremely realistically; so making fun illustrations for a children’s book has been a breath of fresh air."

Rachel Underwood's story is one of friendship, determination, and a deep love for art and storytelling. Through her illustrations, she brings joy and education to young readers while pursuing her passion for creativity in various forms. Her artistic journey continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on both her life and the world of children's literature.

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