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Kate Kropp

Kate Kropp


When I'm Feeling Red, When I'm Feeling Blue

Kate Kropp is a talented and dedicated illustrator whose artistic journey was reignited by the enchanting world of children's literature. Her contributions to the delightful books "When I'm Feeling Red" and "When I'm Feeling Blue," written by her friend Jessica Senesac, have captured the hearts of young readers and parents alike.

Kate's passion for illustration was rekindled after a decade-long hiatus when she encountered the vibrant characters of Red and Blue, the endearing cartoon dinosaurs that inhabit the pages of these beloved children's books. Her background as a former teacher and her early studies in art at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) during her freshman and sophomore years have enriched her ability to connect with young audiences and bring stories to life.

The manuscripts penned by Jessica Senesac provided Kate with a captivating canvas on which to showcase her artistic talents. With determination and dedication, she embarked on the creative journey of breathing life into these lovable characters. Despite the trials and tribulations that often accompany the creative process, Kate's commitment to her craft shone through as she meticulously crafted each illustration.

Kate's illustrations for "When I'm Feeling Red" and "When I'm Feeling Blue" have not only added depth and dimension to the stories but have also resonated with readers of all ages. Her ability to convey emotions and engage the imagination of young minds is a testament to her skill as an illustrator.

Through her work, Kate Kropp has become an integral part of the storytelling experience, fostering a sense of wonder and delight in young readers. Her artistic contribution to children's literature continues to inspire and captivate, leaving an enduring legacy that brings joy to families around the world.

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