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Nikki Hope Cyrus Author Page

Nikki Hope Cyrus

Meet Nikki Hope Cyrus, a rising star in the world of children's literature, renowned for her ability to weave poignant tales that tackle complex real-life situations. An Iranian-American author, Nikki's passion for storytelling was ignited at a young age and has evolved into a fervent dedication to the realm of children's literature.

Nikki Hope Cyrus Author Page

After completing her master’s degree in elementary education, Nikki's career path led her to the role of a dedicated educator. She further pursued her academic journey, obtaining a doctorate and transitioning to the role of a college professor.


Nikki's extensive experience in education heightened her interest in assisting parents and children in navigating life's challenges. Her debut book, "Siblings Arne't Fun," is a testament to her desire to create narratives that resonate with families facing real-life situations.

Outside of her literary pursuits, Nikki finds solace in spending quality time with her family, experimenting with new recipes, and immersing herself in the great outdoors. Her children serve as a wellspring of inspiration for her creative endeavors, and her writing is dedicated to supporting families as they navigate the complexities of everyday life.

Nikki Hope Cyrus Author Page

Introducing Lemons & Literacy

Nikki is the driving force behind Lemons & Literacy, a platform that fosters early literacy development through Montessori-inspired educational activities tailored for busy parents. Designed to nurture literacy, sensory exploration, and skill development in young children, Lemons & Literacy offers a wealth of resources, including tips, hacks, and do-it-yourself projects for parents seeking to enrich their children's learning experiences.


Understanding the challenges of parenting, Lemons & Literacy provides a range of easily implementable activities that uphold the quality of instruction found in a Montessori classroom. Nikki's commitment lies in empowering children to develop essential skills that will shape their future academic success.


Whether parents are seeking hands-on projects, literacy-focused endeavors, or sensory-rich explorations, Lemons & Literacy has something for every family. Nikki's unwavering belief in equal access to high-quality learning experiences at home drives her dedication to creating a dependable space that parents can rely on.

Passions & Values

Nikki's deep-rooted passion lies in crafting stories that resonate with families on a personal level. Her inspiration for writing "Siblings Aren't Fun" emerged from her own experiences as a parent.


Striving to support her older child through the transition of welcoming a new sibling, Nikki embarked on a quest for resources that could facilitate this journey. Finding a dearth of such narratives, she embarked on the journey of creating one herself. 


Nikki Hope Cyrus Author Page

This heartfelt book, born from personal necessity, transformed into a tool for open, meaningful conversations and emotional expression for her own family.

"Siblings Aren't Fun" carries a profound message of understanding, empathy, and family unity. Nikki's intention with this book is to empower families as they navigate the intricacies of welcoming a new baby while nurturing their older child's emotions. Through Amir's relatable experiences, the story underscores the importance of communication, patience, and embracing change. Nikki hopes her book becomes a go-to resource for parents seeking guidance on how to effectively manage new family dynamics and help their children adapt to the presence of a new sibling.

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