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“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

Linda Pistun

Linda Pistun, a visionary entrepreneur, accomplished writer, and dedicated scientist, calls Northern Virginia her home, where she lives her passions to the fullest. Alongside her trusty companion, the box turtle Darwin, Linda navigates the realms of science and creativity with boundless enthusiasm.

Linda's unquenchable thirst for knowledge was ignited at the tender age of five when she discovered her fascination for math and science. This early spark ignited a lifelong commitment to making a lasting impact on the world. Her journey took an unexpected turn when a tank of mealworms presented her with a brilliant idea. In 2017, Linda realized her dreams by founding Linda’s Lab, a venture with two transformative goals: to address world hunger through mealworm protein and to empower girls in the realm of science education.

The embodiment of a true Gainsville, Virginia local, Linda Pistun emerges as a trailblazing author, scientist, and entrepreneur. Linda's foundation, Linda’s Lab, channels all earnings towards the advancement of science, reinforcing her dedication to a higher cause. Rooted in her love for science, which kindled at the young age of five, Linda embarked on a journey that saw the inception of her company and the authoring of a book to educate young minds about their impact on the environment. The royalties from her book, "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints," gracefully flow into Linda’s Lab, a nonprofit foundation that tirelessly funnels its proceeds back into the enrichment of the science community and science education.

Katie Pistun, Linda's mother, aptly captures her daughter's devotion: "She’s never taken a penny. She really does do it all for the love of science." This love for science is intricately intertwined with Linda's deep-rooted desire to conserve the environment. Her book serves as a beacon, guiding young readers to be conscientious stewards of our precious Earth. Post the resounding global launch of "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints," Linda joyfully participates in free author readings for local daycare centers, a vital component of her far-reaching science education outreach program.

With an unwavering commitment to inspire young minds, Linda Pistun ardently encourages exploration, curiosity, and creativity. Through her writing, Linda seeks to kindle a fire of change within young hearts, empowering them to contribute positively to the world around them.

To delve into Linda Pistun's remarkable accomplishments and secure your copy of "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints," visit

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