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Derrick Fleece

Derrick Fleece, a prolific author and artist hailing from the heart of Texas, weaves words and images to create captivating stories that touch hearts and inspire minds. Residing in the Lone Star State with his beloved wife Sonya and their cherished quartet of children—Tristen, Ayden, Verity, and Grayson—Derrick's life is a tapestry of family and creativity.

Creator at Heart

For over a decade, Derrick has lent his compassionate heart and skilled hands to the field of healthcare, working as a registered nurse. In his current role as a clinical informaticist, he devotes his efforts to supporting and empowering fellow healthcare professionals.


As an artist and creator, Derrick is known under the moniker "Doodles on Demand," where he showcases his artistic prowess as a versatile freelance illustrator. His talents extend across comics, children's books, and personalized illustrations that cater to his client's desires.



Derrick's artistic journey has been one of continuous exploration and growth, spanning various mediums including pencil, ink, watercolor, and digital illustration. An ardent aficionado of comic books, his journey into the realm of visual storytelling began with works like "Legends of Streaming" and "My Magic Boxing Gloves," which marked his entry into creating comics and illustrating children's books.


Collaborating closely with author Derek Moreland, his current projects encompass the engaging graphic novel "Space is Awful" and the eagerly anticipated "Shmonster the Monster" series.

Miki's March

"Miki's March," an enchanting tale that started as a collection of ballpoint pen sketches of a whimsical robot, embodies Derrick's commitment to inspiring young hearts. The story's origins lie in a serendipitous encounter when a grandmother from Derrick's church discovered the doodles and urged him to transform them into a children's book for her granddaughter Zoe, who uses a wheelchair. From this poignant genesis emerged the poignant narrative that urges readers to embrace self-acceptance and find joy in their uniqueness. Derrick's hope is that Miki's journey will resonate with readers, encouraging them to see themselves with love and to realize that their uniqueness is a gift to be celebrated.


A profound believer in the beauty of the present moment, Derrick's favorite quote, "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But, today is a gift. That's why it's called the present," encapsulates his philosophy. Reflecting his literary tastes, his cherished children's books include the imaginative works of Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and David Wiesner's enchanting "Flotsam."

Through his written and illustrated works, Derrick Fleece aspires to light up the hearts of young readers, fostering self-discovery, acceptance, and the joy of creativity.

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