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Ben Sessoms

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Ben Sessoms' foremost passion resides in the realm of culinary artistry, with a special affection for Thai cuisine, notably vegetable Pad Thai. Cooking, for Ben, transcends the act of nourishment; it is a therapeutic journey. He revels in the sensory experience — the aromatic symphony, the rhythmic sizzle, and, of course, the irresistible flavors that emerge from his culinary endeavors. Ben's dedication to his craft is palpable, as he eagerly dedicates hours to exploring street food videos online, perpetually seeking to expand his culinary repertoire and enhance his skills.

Ben Sessoms Author Page
Ben Sessoms Author Page
Ben Sessoms Author Page

The concept of writing a book unfolded as a form of catharsis for Ben — an avenue to channel creativity into tangible narratives that could impact and resonate with others. There is an innate reward in the act of storytelling, a sense of satisfaction in giving life to ideas and witnessing their profound influence on readers.

Ben's lifelong ambition has always been to be a writer, a calling driven by his boundless imagination and the desire to embark on journeys with readers through the art of storytelling.


Yet, the challenge of writing for an audience lies in the uncertainty of whether the narratives penned will connect with readers, whether the vivid imagery painted on the page will find resonance in their hearts and minds.

Among the literary works that have left an enduring imprint on him, "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry holds a special place. The book's unique ability to immerse readers into its world, as if they were eavesdropping on the lives of its characters, ignited Ben's passion for writing and storytelling.


As his lifelong mantra, Ben Sessoms lives by the creed of having faith and finding laughter in life's journey.

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