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Our Authors And Illustrators


Eeha Bhatt

Eeha Bhatt entertains and fascinates readers with her words as much as her detailed illustrations. Her book, "Moby Plays the Flute" is a smash hit with over 30 positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. As a mother, artist, and overall good person, Eeha wanted to bring a book that everyone could relate to that would instill the meaning of hard work and perseverance in young readers.

Desiree Blanchard

Author, Early Interventionist, Positive Parenting Practioner, Founder of Love Bloom & Learn, and social media influencer. Desiree's books are perfect for anyone seeking positive parenting advice and loves rhyme and repetition. "My Home: Filled With Love" is coming this Valentine's Day and is now available for pre-order!

Alisha Burton

No one writes quite like Alisha Burton. If you are into captivating picture books, Alisha Burton is definitely for you. Once you start reading, her upcoming book, "Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House" will become a part of your daily story time routine. Her new book hits Tabletop March of 2023!


Linda Pistun

Don't let her age fool you, Linda entertains and fascinates readers with every sentence and phrase. Her books are perfect for sharing a love of science with your little learners who won’t be able to stop reading her upcoming book "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints", coming this Spring to Tabletop Publishing.

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Francine Piriano-Davila

Francine is a long-time author with previous books like her sci-fi tale, "Cloud Monster", available on her personal author page. With Tabletop, Francine is publishing the early reader chapter book, "The Lonely Chameleon" coming this April with interactive pages and downloadable journals for reluctant readers!

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Jessica Senesac

Jessica is the author of our first published titles, "When I'm Feeling Red", "When I'm Feeling Blue", "Buster Brown Moves From Town to Town", and "Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument". She is also our Co-Founder and COO, a former ELA educator, and mom of two. Check out her full selection of titles published by Tabletop Publishing.

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Shab Sachedina

Shab's mission in life is to "pay it forward". By taking her own personal experiences, she hopes that the life lessons in her book, "Olivia Octopus Learns to Be Brave", we give younger generations "a leg up", as they go out making new memories of their own. "Oliva Octopus" is slated to publish in May 2023.

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Derek Moreland

Derek's passion for spreading important messages truly shows in his writing. After years of printing his own copies of his books alongside his best friend, Derrick Fleece, his books finally landed into the hands of Tabletop Publishing and the rest is uphill from there! His inclusive children's book series, "Shmonster the Monster", will launch in the fall of 2023, with the sequels following 3 to 6 months after the first book's launch date.

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Robbin and EJ Miller

This mother/son duo has whipped up something VERY special for you coming in the fall of 2023, "Sammy's Special Hanukkah". This book is semi-autobiographical and occurs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sammy cannot see he grandfather due to extreme quarantine guidelines during the holidays. What will save this Hanukkah from total disaster? Find out Septemberber, 2023. In the meantime, you can find all of their previous works on Amazon!

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Our Illustrators

Beyond Imagination


Eeha Bhatt

Eeha not only is one of our authors but also did the illustrations for her book, "Moby Plays the Flute". She is looking to expand her published works here at Tabletop and will be joining future projects starting next Spring. You can keep an eye out for her future art projects and see her other works on Instagram @eeha_illustration.


Tavena Mejdouli

Tavena studied illustration and comic book design in college to later become a high school art teacher. She loves world on fantastical pieces that sparks the imagination. She is currently working on art full-time doing commissioned pieces and is in the process of illustrating "Clancy McFancy and the Tree with the Bright Green Leaves".


Peyton White

Peyton White is constantly juggling multiple projects and that's the way she likes it. Her dedication and passion for her art clearly shows in everything she does. She is currently working on the colorful illustrations for "Olivia Octopus Learns to Be Brave", creating an underwater world that will excite and delight. You can follow her on Instagram at @peytons_art.


Eddie Yeung

Eddie is the creative mind behind the adult comic, "Detective Pug". His artwork is unique and easy to identify as the artist has truly found his voice within his art style. Eddie is currently illustrating "The Lonely Chameleon" coming to Tabletop in April, 2023. You can follow Eddie on IG @chunchunart.


Alyssa Ares

Alyssa Ares is the creative mind behind the artwork for "Sammy's Special Hanukkah". She balances the line between illustration and realism with incredible ease. She currently works on illustration and graphic design. You can follow this art world powerhouse on IG @ares_illust.


Rachel Underwood

Rachel Underwood is the illustrator of our book, "Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument". She has a master's in fine arts, served four years in the Navy, and currently works as an art professor and is in the Air National Guard Reserves. She hopes to continue her illustration work in the Palosaur Tales series, inspiring children to be themselves, no matter what.


Kate Kropp

Our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Kate Kropp, did the eye-catching illustrations for the "When I'm Feeling" series, now available on the Tabletop Store. Kate is inspired by watching cartoons with her children, looking for bright colors that hold a child's attention and imagination.


Alisha Burton

Alisha is also the illustrator behind her book, "Trevor the Mouse and His Unepxected House", coming March, 2023. Her classic illustrations are inspired by the stunning, yet simplistic art of "Peter Rabbit" and many others from that generation with a modern twist.