Desiree Blanchard

Children's Literature

Author, Early Interventionist, Positive Parenting Practioner, Founder of Love Bloom & Learn, and social media influencer. Desiree's books are perfect for anyone seeking positive parenting advice and loves rhyme and repetition. "My Home: Filled With Love" is coming this Valentine's Day and is now available for pre-order!




This is a sweet rhyming book with diverse characters that shows the many ways love can be experienced...how it can look, feel, and sound, and how we can show love to others. I love the illustrations and helpful talking points at the end. I appreciate the message that love is shown in so many small, daily little things...it's not always grand gestures. I think that sets realistic expectations for children for later in life and helps them appreciate the little things. Overall a sweet book with a great message!

Heather Gould


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