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Explore our 4 book packages, designed to engage your child and develop their reading skills. Choose the perfect package for your child's needs and start their reading adventure today!

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Find inspiring children's books in our bestsellers collection. Browse today and spark your child's love of reading.

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Book Features

Our books are created for the neurodiverse reader. We specialize in crafting inclusive, accessible, and engaging books for kids. 


Dyslexic Friendly Fonts

Our collection of dyslexic-friendly fonts is designed to make reading easier for struggling readers. These fonts use specialized designs that simplify letter characters, making it easier for the eye to move across the word with less stress. Give them a try and see the difference for yourself!


ASD Understanding

We are dedicated to supporting all kids with ASD and promoting understanding and love for those who see the world differently. Our collection of characters will captivate your child's imagination while also providing social-emotional guidance. Our books include messages that will help you continue the conversation at home.


ADD/ADHD Friendly

Our pages are designed with ADD and ADHD kids in mind. We understand importance of minimizing distractions while providing engaging content. That's why we include guiding questions and brain breaks in our longer books to keep your child focused and entertained.



We are proud to offer a unique reading experience for children of all abilities. Our books include audio and video options and QR codes for easy access. We believe that a child deserves the opportunity to enjoy the magic of reading, and we are committed to making that possible.

Browse our selection today and discover the joy of storytelling!